Whether your kitchen is small or large, storage is essential for food, gadgets and small appliances, waste and dishes.

Kitchen-cabinet storage

The most popular cabinet organizers are cookie sheet or tray organizers, chosen by 50% of those upgrading their cabinets. Above the fridge is a smart place to store trays for ease of accessibility as well as narrow areas between base cabinets.

The most popular specialty drawer types are pullout waste or recycling drawers(63%). Typically placing the dishwasher on one side of the sink and waste receptacle on the other aids in ease of clean-up and food preparation

Walk-in pantries are on everyones wish list but not all kitchen offer the space. Some alternatives could be pull-out pantries. They can be tall, in base cabinetry or wall cabinets. Storing spices and oils, utensils and packaged foods are a breeze with this handy alternative.

Kitchen-cabinet storage
Kitchen Cabinet Storage Remodeling San Diego
Kitchen-cabinet storage San Diego

Pull-out shelves can be in tall or base cabinets and make it easier to reach items in the back of the cabinet. These 24” deep cabinets’ shelves roll-out fully to reveal otherise lost items.

If you are looking to increase function of your existing cabinets, Rev-a-shelf offers after market inserts.